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Is AH trade for WOW Gold safer than face to face trade?

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      AH trade is you put an item in auction house and gold seller will buy it, when it’s bought, your WOW gold will be mailed to you. Face to face trade is gold seller trade you directly. There’s also some doing mail, but mail is very bad for now. Blizzard could detected your WOW gold very easy and will remove your gold in high rate.
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Then which way is safer when we buy WOW Gold? We have talked about this question earlier, but for now the safer way to buy wow gold still AH trade. Blizzard added WOW Token in 6.0, wow token is a way to sell wow gold blizzard himself indirectly. So third parties gold selling will be their competitors, they need to protect their gold selling business. Therefore,blizzard monitoring gold trade more than before. Face to face is not easy to be detected when they decided to monitor. 
Well,not all bad news for wow token, the good news for players is WOW gold price dropped largely. It was over 10 USD for each 10k gold, but now only 3-5 USD for 10k now in most of the gold selling websites. The war between gold sellers and blizzard benefits players somehow. So now it’s not hard to buy cheap wow gold  online. 
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In a word, WOW gold is cheap now and choose a better and safer way to trade will make it perfect.


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