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How to Train Account wide Mount Fast in WOW?

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This is how Account-wide mount delivery works:
1. First creat a lvl 1 character on offered server to pick it up and get 30 copper rdy,you'll need it for mail later. (Choose human for alliance and orc for horde, easier for going trade place)         
lvl 1 character for account wide mount train               

2. Create a DK on this server, open Game Menu--Help---character Stuck---click"Teleport to Graveyard".Then DK is able to access the mailbox nearby a red-roof house.
WOW Deathknight's mailbox
DK's mailbox near redroof house
here's the mailbox in Deathknigh's area. Here's the spot show where you'll find the mailbox.      
Mailbox in deathknight's area    
3. Mail the mount from lvl 1 character and then logback to DK, DK receive it and train.All Complete! Now you can login ur main character,press SHIFT+P to open your WOW mounts collection.
WOW Mount collection


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