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Different Types of Players in World of Warcraft

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It's crazy to think that World of Warcraft, first released in 2004, is still going strong today. Indeed, it's no small feat to have over five million rumoured subscribers for a game that, despite being very different today than it was back then, has been going for 12 years. Even ,many related website group up with its developing like wowhead, mmo-champion,wowkk etc. Some of them are information & guide provider, some are wow service provider which have wow gold for sale.
Despite Blizzard no longer sharing subscriber numbers, the company's strength allows for constant reinvention and reinvigoration, and with this year's release of Legion selling 3.3 million copies, World of Warcraft shows no signs of disappearing any time soon.
If you're thinking of jumping back in, you've got great timing – it's as good as it's ever been. Just brace yourself; the game may have changed, but the players you're likely to bump into on your travels haven't. Remember these guys?
The Hero
Trying to find the Broken Isles in Legion? Need help with that new Demon Hunter class? This player type loves WoW, but also loves you. This player will go out of their way to make every else's experience better, even to the detriment of their own enjoyment. They will also probably be vigilant to try and keep things appropriate, and will report bad language and anything they think might ruin the experience for everyone else – so no talking about what you got up to last night. Keep the banter clean.
The Returning Player
Having dropped in and out over the many years of World of Warcraft, this is the WoW equivalent of running around in a burning building with your pants down. Overawed by new mechanics,wow mounts, items, and God only knows what else, this player is trying so hard to get back into things, bless them. They want to hit the level cap of 110, but can't even work out why there are pandas in the game now. However, if they don't want to level it up by themselves, WOW Power Leveling service is avaiable at, easy and fast.
The Role Player
While WoW has RP servers that are specifically designed to appeal to the Role Player, sometimes it's not so easy for these types to switch it off. This cuts two ways: it means you can get lumbered with the most annoying and unhelpful ally ever, who talks like they suffered a traumatic head injury and now truly believes they're an in-game NPC, complete with limited lines of dialogue; or you can find someone who, because of playing their role, is brilliant and your absolute saviour.
The Know It All
This player is excellent to have around. The very definition of hardcore, they've been around the whole time and know the finer details of The Blood Plague, where an exploit allowed people to infect (and kill) low level players way back in 2005. They'll help you, they'll teach you, and you'll have a great time in their company, becoming better at the game in the process. That said, there's the possibility that this player might spend too much time correcting your text speak, so keep that in mind.
The Plan Ruiner
Everyone knows about Leeroy Jenkins (from back in 2005) by now, but just in case, watch the video above. This player doesn't care about your well laid plans, rushes in, and probably gets killed first. But on a serious note, don't do this – this player is the reason the quest is harder than it should be, and when you've spent time planning, this is genuinely annoying.
Worse yet is if the plan ruiner somehow combines with the annoying player and actually shouts things like "Leeroy Jenkins" while ruining your plans. If that happens, just turn your PC off and go to sleep, because it's not going to be your day.
Not dissimilar to The Plan Ruiner, this player is frustrating and best avoided. They're logged into WoW, and active, but not actually active because they're listening to a wrestling podcast or playing Hearthstone, or watching a TV show, or… you get the idea.
Sure, WoW is a long running game, and one that people have played to death, but if you're logged in, play the damn thing. This person is almost certain to return with a smiley and 'Sorry, AFK!' message. Don't let them off because they seem nice; tell them what you'd like to do to them on a PvP server – politely though, in case The Hero is listening..
The Annoyance
This player has logged so many hours in Azeroth that they don't even remember why they are playing it. They'll stand around irritating you, spamming you with 'hilarious' jokes and pop culture references, or constantly inviting you to their guild, while not actually doing anything to help whatsoever. The frustrating thing about The Annoyance is that they do actually know their stuff and could be a fearsome ally, if only they could be bothered.
The Soloist
This player might have put a lot of hours into WoW, but the trouble is they've always avoided interacting with others. At this point it's become habitual to play alone, which means when you do meet up with them, they've no idea how to play as a team. They won't heal you, or buff you, and they talk at you in a stream of gibberish bordering on grunts, because human language and interactions has lost all meaning to them. They'll basically be in it for themselves. In other words, avoid.
The Hater
This person stopped loving the game after a certain expansion, and talks about how much better it was back then, fondly reminiscing about their "Lich King prime". You might even ask them why they still play, and they'll respond you with a terrible reason, like "I have to, because who else will tell Blizzard what they're doing wrong."
They won't stop explaining, at length, how bad the game is now, and why everyone should stop playing it; even though they themselves are still playing it right now. Most likely to say, "WoW will be free to play this time next year." Ignore, avoid, whatever it takes: just get away from them, because they can't stand the fact that Azeroth is barely recognisable from what it used to be.
The Showoff
The player who has gone for looks over ability, and decided to spend untold hours trying to buy wow mounts and gears that makes them look completely awesome. They want you to stare at them in stunned silence, mesmerised by just how amazing they look. But you won't, of course; you'll just ignore them and get on with your task.


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