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World of warcraft has been the most welcomed MMO game online, it has billons of players since it has 7 years of history. Theres’s no other game that comparable with this game, cuz it’s been over 7 years, but it still has so many players or subscribers. Some new MMO games always aim at beat World of warcraft when it enter the game market, always a kinda of advertisement taste. All these because world of warcraft is great and famous, classic. 
How to play this game? We always need old players and friends to help us before we start i think. It’s not that easy to start a new MMO game without no help even the game designed well and with detailed guidance for new players. We start leveling and finally, we hit the top level, we play battle. Ground or farm dungeons. Then we found we need wow gold, but where to get the wow gold? Is that easy to obtain wow gold? Nope. It’s not that easy, but it’s not hard either, you need pay efforts to farm gold. Sometimes, we need to buy wow gold . Because this is the fastest and easiest way to get wow gold.I don’t think there’s most of professional players. In the opposite, most of players are workers, we need to work. So we don’t time to farm gold instead of playing game. 
Players are not gold farmers, we play game and enjoy the time, release pressure.
So the questions comes up, what’s the best place to buy cheap wow gold? We google, bing and yahoo them, we got billions of results that more than players. We got dizzy, how to make a choice? Go directly to pick up some first page results? Yep. This is what we usually do. Ah, there’re some points you need to pay attention.
First, check if they have customer online support and if they’re online, if they’re not, just pass it and don’t ask me why, you know it :D
Second, check if their site legitimate and standard, a fake site will make your money goes in to their pocket without gold delivery.
Third, you need to buy wow gold in stock. Some servers are off stock casually, so you need to check with their representatives if their wow gold is in stock on your server. If it’s in stock you can make the order and wait for the delivery in game.
Finally, you need check if they have a good online service or if they can do wow gold fast delivery. Everybody wanna buy fast wow gold, but you need to find a good site. If their service is okay, and the gold delivery can be fast mostly, also the price is fair, then congratz ,you find a very good website to buy wow gold, you can use their service.
World of warcraft is a very good MMO game, we strong detest these in game spammers, they spammed the channels everyday and night and make it really annoying. So never buy their gold or items and let them fuck off from in game spamming. 
Hope this helps you! Thank you.


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