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  •   ico Name: Devon IP:207.47.198.* 2015-2-20 20:10:11

    I have waited 5 hours and still have not gotten my order. At this point I don't feel like a customer at all I feel like I am completely invaluable and this is the gateway to a Scam. 24/7 live chat doesn't work and I don't think it does work, If you don't have 24 hour 7 day a week live chat. DONT POST THAT YOU DO! At this point I don't want anything but my money back. Terrible website and Terrible customer service with more than likely Fake feedback reviews

  •   ico Name: Jessica IP:24.90.70.* 2015-3-9 1:35:17

    very good service! Thanks

  •   ico Name: Dan IP:125.12.210.* 2015-4-28 10:11:20

    I bought the spectral tiger today,very good price and fast delivery. Thanks.

  •   ico Name: Pally IP:108.52.36.* 2015-4-28 10:17:12

    Last time i bought vial of the sands,pretty good service. I said i will be back, so here I am. Thanks again for your excellent service!

  •   ico Name: Devon IP:162.85.102.* 2015-4-29 15:51:51

    I have received my order,just let you know. ty guys.:)

  •   ico Name: huntero IP:169.12.201.* 2015-4-29 15:59:14

    good service. Many thanks to tracy,she is nice to me.

  •   ico Name: Axe IP:108.63.20.* 2015-4-30 9:52:07

    Great service!!!!

  •   ico Name: Brandy IP:63.131.193.* 2015-5-31 13:12:13

    It's been 45 mins and i'm still waiting. -.-*

  •   ico Name: Kimmy IP:120.14.114.* 2015-8-24 11:14:26

    I bought a magic rooster egg and I have it now..Wooooot,I'm so happy with your service. will come back definitely

  •   ico Name: True IP:71.170.52.* 2015-9-10 5:10:34

    Have purchased several mounts from these guys, always deliver within 24 hours. Their customer service is very friendly and responsive. Their TCG mount prices are the best I've ever seen!

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