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  •   ico Name: Nicolas IP:150.10.2.* 2013-5-12 15:55:24

    Bought 3 mounts, got it in few hrs.Thanks sophia!

  •   ico Name: Jim IP:108.10.52.* 2013-5-12 15:56:20

    Perfect Service!

  •   ico Name: connor IP:213.107.52.* 2013-5-20 5:57:57

    i like this website, its the only place i've found that seems trustworthy and efficient. however i think the pricing is a little bit high, i suspect other websites will be the same, but it costs hundreds of pounds for a good mount, i think the price for the gold is great, but some items are too expensive in my opinion. other than that everything else is awesome

  •   ico Name: A K IP:108.38.31.* 2013-6-14 11:15:08

    I bought a spectral gryphon and about 20 minutes after I bought it they delivered me the code to redeem it. It was a really good experience and I will defiantly buy from them again.

  •   ico Name: tracy IP:108.***.***.* 2013-7-26 15:03:49

    Really quick delivery, the best wow gold site! I love this site, will defnitely back to buy more. Thanks again for awesome service. <3

  •   ico Name: Amanda IP:142.***.**.* 2013-7-26 15:05:36

    i bought vial of the sands and deathcharger mount,got them really quick.good service.

  •   ico Name: Gree IP:58.***.**.* 2013-7-26 15:09:36

    I just got my gold, always good to deal with you guys.

  •   ico Name: Benjamin IP:163.***.***.* 2013-7-26 15:11:02

    Tracy is really good customer rep, helpful service.Will buy again! o_O

  •   ico Name: david IP:95.21.***.* 2013-7-30 10:56:14

    Very good service. Thanks

  •   ico Name: Remon IP:85.10.***.* 2013-7-30 10:56:59

    I got my mounts,awesome service.You guys the best !

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