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  •   ico Name: Kevin IP:207.148.200.* 2013-1-23 2:35:50

    Once again a fantastic experience, within 5 min I had my gold. Great Job!

  •   ico Name: Marcus IP:90.149.5.* 2013-2-24 21:36:59

    Thank you! It came today, it took 5 hours i think, but it was worth it! I now got my mount and thank you, this page is trusted. I will probably buy more items later on.

  •   ico Name: TAA IP:76.242.106.* 2013-2-26 11:42:09

    Customer service was excellent. Order was complete in less than 30 mins. Great overall experience. Thank you!

  •   ico Name: dysng IP:101.174.132.* 2013-4-1 19:31:39

    I bought the Obisidian Nighwting, Spectral Gryphan and Vial of Sands. Very happy with the serivce.

  •   ico Name: Jimmy IP:24.247.41.* 2013-4-5 18:09:57

    Very good service,I got my gold very fast. Thank you again! Will come back soon :)

  •   ico Name: Jerry IP:95.101.74.* 2013-4-5 18:11:05

    I bought vial of the sands here. I got it very quick and the delivery guy is very paitent with me.

  •   ico Name: Nick IP:98.205.85.* 2013-4-7 1:00:30

    I bought a lvl522 boe item here, I thought it might take few days, but they trade to me in few hrs.I'm so HAPPY! Yo guys rock !

  •   ico Name: Jason IP:147.191.311.* 2013-4-11 11:05:09

    Very good service, will come back, Thanks again to Tracy! XD

  •   ico Name: Chris IP:68.181.64.* 2013-4-13 23:33:12

    Thank you very much for your perfect service, will back soon!

  •   ico Name: Gary IP:24.178.25.* 2013-4-15 10:22:13

    Bought 50K gold, and i got them all in 10mins,fantastic!!

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